Our Mission
"Whenever something wrong happens around, we feel an urge to do something corrective but our hesitation stops us don't suppress your feelings, your concern for fellow beings and be bold enough to raise voice against ever-increasing social crimes and societal imbalance."

Our Guiding Philosophy :
"Small efforts can make big changes in the society".
Lending a helping hand to needy is far more virtuous than offering prayers in a Temple, Mosque, Church or Gurudwara...So let us fight together against injustice, ignorance, corruption and be humane towards humanity by serving selflessly for the cause of poor and needy.

Our Mission :
To help under - privileged segments of the society, understand their worth and strength and instill in them confidence to do something worthwhile enabling them live a quality life with dignity besides ensuring optimum benefit of government's welfare and development programs for poor and rural people.

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